Meet the Team 


Pola Ariel, Founder

Pola is a seasoned professional with a passion for the arts and design. She is a mother of two boys and brings a unique blend of creativity and practicality to the table. Pola has honed her skills through her experiences at 3dRose, Display My Art, and Metal Mural, where she has gained extensive knowledge in product development and marketing. Her experience at these companies has provided her with a deep understanding of the industry and a commitment to delivering quality products and customer satisfaction. With her passion for creativity and her drive for success, Pola is poised to continue making a lasting impact in the industry. 


Sunny Johnson, Founder

Sunny is a beauty industry expert with a proven track record of helping top brands stand out from the competition. With years of experience working closely with some of the leading companies in the industry, Sunny has perfected her skills and gained a deep understanding of the latest trends and best practices. Whether she's working on product development, marketing strategies, or customer engagement initiatives, Sunny's goal is always the same: to help companies achieve their full potential and stand out in a crowded market. With her expertise and drive, Sunny is the perfect partner for any brand looking to succeed.


Jacob Ariel, Account Executive

Jacob is a highly motivated and dedicated Account Executive for Stay Branded. In addition to his studies at Drexel University, where he is pursuing a degree in biology, Jacob is a leader on campus and in the community. He is the President of PhiDE, the treasurer of Drexel EMS, and the founder of the charity Instant Replay. He also works as a research assistant at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. These experiences have sharpened Jacob's skills in communication, leadership, and problem-solving, making him an asset to the Stay Branded team. With his passion for helping others, dedication to scientific advancement, and drive for success, Jacob is poised to make a positive impact in his role as an Account Executive.


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